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SPCC Mission • Vision • Core Values


SPCC pursues the promotion, coordination and implementation of programmes, projects and initiatives in the fields of cancer education, care improvement and innovation, in collaboration with various stakeholders, including industry and academia, in order to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge about innovative approaches, scientific progress as well as state-of-the-art treatments and methodologies in Cancer Care Continuum.


SPCC wants to confirm and broaden its activity as an internationally recognised and highly respected provider of independent, evidence-based medical education in the cancer field and to increase knowledge in Cancer Care Continuum.

Core Values

The following values define the SPCC identity:

Autonomy: SPCC operates autonomously from both a scientific and organisational point of view and manages its financial resources independently from the interests of its stakeholders.

Ethics: Through its own ethical code, SPCC recommends, promotes or prohibits certain behaviours in compliance with laws, international regulations and ethical standards that govern its activities as a not-for-profit evidence-based entity.

Transparency: Through control and communication processes, SPCC guarantees the full transparency of its political and institutional activities.

Excellence: SPCC strives to provide high-quality educational material and strategies, basing its insights on experience, knowledge and data.

Innovation: SPCC promotes innovation as an essential prerequisite of its Mission to increase the quality of its activities.

Community: Through communication programmes and initiatives such as Cancer World and social media, SPCC helps to create a community that includes its main stakeholders.

Progress: For SPCC medical, scientific and cultural progress is both the means and the purpose for the constant improvement of cancer care and its sustainability.