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Strategic Objectives and Actions of SPCC

Sharing Progress in Cancer Care (SPCC) pursues the promotion, coordination and implementation of programmes, projects and initiatives in the field of cancer education, with particular emphasis on scientific progress and innovation in the Cancer Care Continuum.

The main objectives of SPCC's three-year Strategic Plan 2020-2022 are:

Leading the dissemination of scientific progress in the Cancer Care Continuum.

knowledge, best practices and innovation in the oncological field.

Promoting a culture of innovation and multidisciplinary approaches within the new frontiers of the Cancer Care Continuum.

Ensuring a space for an independent and transparent dialogue between key stakeholders on major innovations and advances in the Cancer Care Continuum.

Collaborating with other medical and health professional associations, foundations, cancer organisations, universities and life science industries active in the oncology field.

To pursue its strategic objectives, SPCC will:

Promote evidence-based scientific initiatives with the support of stakeholders, such as industries operating in the field of oncology;

Establish relationships between stakeholders at an international level;

Maintain relations with similar associations;

Carry out all the activities deemed suitable to the achievement of the Association’s objectives, maintaining a high scientific and critical level in oncology developments.