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Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Medicine

15.10.2021  -  16.10.2021




G. Curigliano, IT  - J. Gligorov, FR


Medicine is a practice that uses different sciences.
When the management of serious diseases that can be life-threatening, we are constantly faced with two essential components of decision making that appeal to what is important to treat the disease on the one hand and what is valuable to the one that is treated on the other hand. If emotional intelligence refers to this valuable component, the amount of information that can be important regarding the treatment of a disease today exceeds our immediate and integrative analysis capacity.The integration of big data in clinical cancer research provides an unprecedented opportunity to integrate information and complex research outputs, which in turn demands powerful computational resources. Through its formidable analytical power, artificial intelligence holds the promise of transforming the way we study, diagnose and treat cancer.
The use of machine-learning approaches in preclinical and translational cancer research has been increasing swiftly in recent years, bringing exciting progress in digital pathology and diagnostics and enriching foundational and drug-discovery research. From unfolding the intricacies of multi-omics and cellular phenotypes or extracting clinically relevant patterns to using behavioral data collected from wearable devices, machine learning is revolutionizing the cancer-research arena. Artificial intelligence has generated high expectations for improving cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy but has also underscored some of its inherent outstanding challenges, such as potential implicit biases in training datasets, data heterogeneity and the scarcity of external validation cohorts. Our scientific workshop has the aim to explore and discuss about different aspects of machine learning and cancer medicine. We would like to share our thoughts about this important field.


More information will be available soon.


More information will be available soon.


15 October

11:30Welcome and introduction
Giuseppe Curigliano, IT - Joseph Gligorov, FR
 11:30Welcome from the chairs
 11:45Machine intelligence: applications in science and medicine
 12:30Discussion and Q&A
13:00AI in oncology and therapeutics
 13:05Artificial intelligence for pathology: a view from academics
 13:25Artificial intelligence for pathology: A view from industry
 13:45Artificial intelligence for imaging
 14:05Artificial intelligence for oncology practice
 14:25Discusssion and Q&A
14:55AI in genomics and reporting for clinical practice
 15:15New software platforms to improve multidisciplinary tumor board workflow
 15:35Reporting genomics data
 15:55Integrating genomic data and clinical data in practice
 16:15Computational biology
 16:35Discusssion and Q&A
16:50AI in managing clinical data
 16:55The Arezzo initiative
 17:15AI, blockchain solutions and data protection
 17:35The Finnish 6 G project: impact on AI and medicine
 17:55Machine-assisted medical decision making
 18:15Discusssion and Q&A

16 October

11:30Robotic Surgery
 11:35Developing robotic surgery in Europe
 11:55AI visualization systems for next generation robotics
 12:15Distance surgery
 12:35Virtual reality and AI
 12:55Discussion and Q&A
13:25Title to be confirmed
 13:30The patient’s perspective in AI
 13:50Artificial intelligence for melanoma diagnosis
 14:10Discussion and Q&A
14:40Consensus conference on impact of AI on clinical decision making
16:15Closing remarks