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Our Educational Projects – 2023

The following projects are currently ongoing and will be developed by SPCC on a long-term basis.

Project on Nutrition in Geriatric Oncology - 2023/2024

Supported by Fresenius Kabi

Considering the importance of nutritional status in Geriatric Oncology, SPCC is carrying out a targeted project which foresees two stages: a closed virtual Task Force and a Manuscript summarising the most important outcomes of the Task Force.

SPCC - All.Can Project: Data Driven Cancer Care for Better Outcomes - 2023

Supported by Bristol Myers Squibb, Cloud Pathology Group and Veracyte

SPCC is organising with All.Can an educational project for 2023 focusing on the essential role of Data in Cancer Care to improve outcomes across the Cancer Care Continuum (from screening to diagnosis, from treatment and care to follow-up and survivorship).