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Adverse Events Management and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Detection Project


Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is an issue in many cancers and cancer treatments. With the development of immunotherapies, it has become a focus of attention, but it is an historical issue related to radiation, busulfan and bleomycin.

Many treatments in various disease areas have ILD as a potential toxicity. Early diagnosis is crucial to avoid irreversible damage or even death of the patient.

Project Goals

The aim of this project is to expand awareness and knowledge among HPCs about:

  • The frequency of ILD with various oncological treatments
  • Patients at major risk and methods, if any, to avoid ILD
  • The appropriate methods for the early diagnosis of ILD, with or without sophisticated radiological methods
  • Treatment of ILD and possible reinstatement of the oncological drug

Project Target Group

HCPs - Medical Oncologists – Haematologists - Radiation Oncologists – Pulmonologists - Radiologists

Project Approach and Outcomes

This multi-step project will consist of:

  • An online Task Force
  • A Scientific Position Statement, to be published on the Cancerworld magazine
  • Five Podcasts
  • A series of Educational Webinars
  • A Virtual Event

The materials - free of charge and accessible to the audience by registering on SPCC's OncoCorner e-learning platform - will remain available on-demand on the platform.

Task Force - 25 April 2022

An online Task Force (closed session, not accessible to the audience) organized to discuss new strategies to tackle adverse events on Interstitial Lung Disease cancer.

Renowned experts were invited to join the faculty:

Scientific Position Statement

The most important results of the Task Force have been summarised in a scientific article published on the Cancerworld magazine. To read the full article please click here.


Five Podcasts, consisting of short contributions on the topic by Task Force experts, will be developed.
The podcasts will be free of charge and accessible to the audience by registering on SPCC's OncoCorner e-learning platform.
The materials will remain available on-demand until obsolete, or at maximum for 1 year.

Podcast 1 – ILD and radiation-induced toxicity
28 October 2022
Discussant: Hope Rugo, US
Speaker: Suresh Senan, NL
Enter the podcast via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/363 

Podcast 2 – ILD and HER2 targeted agents
9 November 2022
Discussant: Hope Rugo, US
Speaker: Véronique Dieras, FR
Enter the podcast via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/365 

Podcast 3 – Radiological patterns in drug induced lung disease and their differential diagnosis: a case-based approach
21 November 2022
Discussant: Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop, NL
Speaker: Helmut Prosch, AT
Enter the podcast via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/367 

Podcast 4 – Differential diagnosis of ILD in Clinical Oncology
1 December 2022
Discussant: Alfredo Addeo, CH
Speaker: Sara Cherri, IT
Enter the podcast via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/370 

Podcast 5 – Challenging cases: focus on TDXd
17 February 2023
Discussant: Hope Rugo, US
Speaker: Hiroji Iwata, JP
Enter the podcast via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/400


Following the Task Force, here is the proposal for the 3 webinars planned as the fourth step of the ILD project.

Webinar 1 – Diagnosis of drug induced interstitial lung disease (ILD) in cancer patients: tips for practice
Live – 17 October 2022 – 18:00-19:00 CEST
Discussants: Alfredo Addeo, CH - Hope Rugo, US
Speakers: Alfredo Addeo, CH – Elisabeth Bendstrup, DK – Cornelia Schaefer Prokop, NL
On demand via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/357

Webinar 2 – Breast cancer drugs and interstitial lung disease (ILD): more news
Live – 30 November 2022 – 18:00-19:00 CET
Discussant: Hope Rugo, US
Speakers: Alfredo Addeo, CH – Veronique Dieras, FR – Giampaolo Bianchini, IT
On demand via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/358

Webinar 3 – Interstitial lung disease (ILD): a rare but severe side-effect
Live – 30 January 2023 – 17:00-18:00 CET
Discussants: Anne Bergeron, CH – Hope Rugo, US
Speakers: Alfredo Addeo, CH – Anne Bergeron, CH – Suresh Senan, NL
On demand via https://www.oncocorner.net/webinars/366 

Virtual Event: 31 March – 01 April 2023

A 2-day Online event (free access and CME accredited) with opinion leaders and experts (already involved for the Task Force and webinars) to summarise the main topics from the previous steps.

Duration: 2 days (2 hours per day)
Chairs: Alfredo Addeo, CH - Aleksandra Filipovic, UK
On demand materials will be available soon, please register at https://www.oncocorner.net/online-events/51