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Who we are

Sharing Progress in Cancer Care (SPCC), is an independent non-profit organisation, registered in Switzerland, dedicated to providing projects, programmes and initiatives (live and online) to share and integrate knowledge and information on scientific progress, innovation and best practices in the Cancer Care Continuum from prevention to early diagnosis, treatment, and support after treatment.

Complementing this, SPCC publishes the independent medical magazine Cancerworld (CW), contributed to by leading international experts, and also offers comprehensive resources through OncoCorner (www.oncocorner.net), its e-learning educational platform.

We aim to bring the cancer community players together in a sharing and learning dialogue worldwide, from academic and clinical research institutions, oncologists, hematologists, general practitioners, medical students and their associations to pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies, government departments, policymakers, regulatory bodies and patient advocacy and support associations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall govern SPCC in compliance with its objectives and is responsible for the management of the association. The Board shall be comprised of between 3 and 5 members, of which one appointed by ESOF, one by FFO, one by ESO and two by the General Members’ Assembly.

  • Matti S. Aapro (President), Genolier
  • Fedele Gubitosi, Milan
  • Pietro Presti, Turin
  • Lorenza Wyder, Munich

The Executive Board is headed by the President and established for the executive management and operational activity planning throughout the year.

SPCC activities are coordinated by the head office, based in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Matti S. Aapro
Dr Matti S. Aapro is President of SPCC and Past-President of the European Cancer Organisation. He is also a Board member of UICC, President of All.Can, and a director at the Genolier Cancer Center in Switzerland. He is a medical oncologist, having received his medical degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He was the founding chair of the Medical and Radiation Therapy Department at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. He has published over 350 articles, and his main interests are: new drug development, breast cancer, cancer in the elderly, and supportive care. He is member of several editorial boards including Cancerworld. He has received several prestigious awards, amongst them the 2012 ASCO B.J. Kennedy prize and the MASCC Distinguished Services Award (2016).

Pietro Presti
Chief Executive Officer
CEO of SPCC, Pietro Presti is a dynamic, creative and goal-oriented senior manager with a broad experience in business strategy and development, leadership and innovation in Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors. Dr Presti is board member of several organisations operating in cancer advocacy, education, innovation and research in Healthcare and Life Sciences, especially in the field of cancer care continuum.

Daniela Mengato
Chief Operating Officer
Daniela Mengato from Milan, more than twenty years’ experience in organisational oncology management in international environment, was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2020 with the task of coordinating the head office, the organisation and implementation of the day-to-day activities of the association as agreed by the Executive Board of which she is a member.

Lorenza Wyder Peters
Basic Science Advisor
Passionate researcher with Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology. More than fifteen years of experience in oncology drug discovery from target validation to pre-clinical candidate stage.Used to work in international teams and with collaborations across Europe, USA and China and to interact with several line functions. Strong background in immune-oncology/immunotherapy, angiogenesis.

Aleksandra Filipovic
Scientific Clinical Advisor
Aleksandra Filipovic is the SPCC Scientific Clinical Advisor and Head of Oncology at PureTech Health. She is a medical oncologist practicing at Imperial College London where she also holds an honorary lecturer position. She acquired her PhD and completed post-doctoral studies at Imperial College, in the area of cancer cell biology and from there worked at and with Brystol Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca.

Scientific Advisory Board 2023-2025


Joseph Gligorov


Meteb Al-Foheidi
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Anne-Marie Baird
Dublin, Ireland

Andreas Charalambous
Limassol, Cyprus

Giuseppe Curigliano
Milan, Italy

Anil D’Cruz
Mumbai, India

Aleksandra Filipovic
London, United Kingdom

Julie Gralow
Alexandria, USA

Dorothy Keefe
Sydney, Australia

Hong Liu
Tianjin, China

Philip Poortmans
Antwerp, Belgium

Isabel T. Rubio
Madrid, Spain

Mitsue Saito
Tokyo, Japan

Dina Tiniakos
Athens, Greece

Eduard Vrdoljak
Split, Croatia

Gustavo Werutsky
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Head Office

SPCC Head Office is located in Bellinzona, Switzerland. The SPCC Chief Operating Officer, together with the SPCC staff, is responsible for managing the organisation and implementation of the day-to-day activities of the Association as agreed by the Executive Board.

Daniela Mengato
Chief Operating Officer

Annalisa Musco
Project Manager

Martina Radice
Event Manager

Maddalena Musazzi
Communication and Cancerworld Manager

SPCC Head Office

Via Vincenzo Vela, 6
6500 Bellinzona – Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 820 09 68
Mail: info@spcc.net