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Our purpose • vision • mission


To foster and share innovation and progress in order to facilitate the advancement of best practices and their widespread adoption worldwide across the Cancer Care Continuum.


To be an essential global reference organisation, bringing stakeholders together in pursuit of continuous progress across the Cancer Care Continuum.


To promote both multiprofessional and multidisciplinary dialogue, understanding and collaboration as well as the sharing, integration and implementation of the knowledge between all stakeholders across the Cancer Care Continuum, listening and answering to patients’ diverse needs across continents.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in SPCC’s unique commitment to serving stakeholders in the Cancer Care Continuum across the full spectrum of their activities and interrelationships.

Indipendence: SPCC is independent from both a scientific and organizational standpoint and maintains a rigorous division between the management of its financial resources and the interests of its stakeholders.

Transparency: SPCC is committed to transparency in all its communications, reporting, institutional and political activities.

Trust: SPCC earns the trust of its stakeholders and builds trust between them across the Cancer Care Continuum through authoritative publications and communications, education provision and related initiatives of the highest standard.

Continuous optimisation: The continuously changing environment of Cancer Care needs a flexible structure, ready to look at the present and future challenges, improving on the existing and bringing what is new and beneficial to citizens and patients.

Collaboration: SPCC is committed to cooperate with stakeholders from all perspectives, all continents, respecting each other’s priorities within an ethical approach.