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Past events

Webinar on demand
icon Tumour sites
Tumour sites
23.05.2024 18:00 CEST
Breast cancer highlights from the ESMO Breast 2024
Cardoso Fatima, Harbeck Nadia, Paluch-Shimon Shani
Webinar on demand
icon Prevention & Treatment
Prevention & Treatment
13.05.2024 12:00 CEST
Behind every drug there is a story: bringing the human experience back into drug development
Aapro Matti, Filipovic Aleksandra, Ferrier Graham, Fowler Daniel
Webinar on demand
icon Supportive Care & Integrative Oncology
Supportive Care & Integrative Oncology
10.04.2024 12:00 CEST
Advances in integrative oncology: exploring future perspectives
Aapro Matti, Filipovic Aleksandra, Scotté Florian, Fan Daiming, Lustberg Maryam
Webinar on demand
icon AI, Technology & Innovation
AI, Technology & Innovation
21.03.2024 12:00 CET
How to exploit AI to improve cancer care efficiency
Aapro Matti, Geanta Marius, Kalogeropoulos Dimitris
Webinar on demand
icon Tumour sites
Tumour sites
01.02.2024 18:00 CET
Highlights from ABC7 International Consensus Conference
Aloi-Timeus Isabelle, Cardoso Fatima, Gelmon Karen