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Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Care Educational Project

Supported by AstraZeneca, Novartis and Roche

Artificial intelligence has given rise to great expectations for improving cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy but has also highlighted some of its inherent outstanding challenges, such as potential implicit biases in training datasets, data heterogeneity and the scarcity of external validation cohorts.

SPCC will carry out a project to develop knowledge and competences on integration of AI in Cancer Care Continuum: from diagnosis to clinical decision-making.

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New Logo SPCC

SPCC kick-starts 2022 by showcasing a new, stronger and revamped identity.
The pandemic has revolutionised our relationship with technology over the last two years, leading to greater interaction between the real world and the digital world.
In these new circumstances, we at SPCC decided to switch to working entirely online. Although this strategic decision called for a new organisational structure, it meant that we could reach more people all over the world, in an increasingly inclusive manner.
At SPCC, we have always believed in innovation, research and scientific progress, since day one. But above all, we believe that sharing new knowledge and best practices in the Cancer Care Continuum field is essential in order to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research pathways.
Our new visual identity is the result of all this: our values, and the purpose, mission and vision of SPCC. We aim to be the global point of reference for a community that shares the common goal of taking on cancer to the best of our ability.
Our new look showcases an inclusive, innovative and digital SPCC that is able to evolve while maintaining a solid identity and ensuring an independent and transparent offering. The new logo preserves continuity with the more than twenty years of history of SPCC, while marking a clear break from the past. We have kept the shape and colours of the brand, which represent the three forms of collaboration with our supporters, while the ribbons, symbolising cancer care, have been untied, with considerable momentum towards the future and continuous growth.
Sharing Progress in Cancer Care is a knowledge tool for a world that can deliver better quality of care and life to us all.


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