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Telemedicine Project Phase 2 – 2022: the Implementation and Integration of Telemedicine in the Cancer Care Continuum

Supported by AstraZeneca, Eisai and Pfizer

Telemedicine promises to revolutionize care pathways for cancer patients as modern health systems design and conceptualize new ways to manage the entire Cancer Care Continuum, moving from hospital-centered models of care to patient-centered, proximity-based approaches. The fundamental concept is that information and data move, not patients.

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SPCC signs an MoU with ECO
ECO and SPCC have come together to collaborate to develop and implement joint activities that support the mission of both organisations.
About the agreement, Matti Aapro, president of SPCC, and Andreas Charalambous, president of ECO, respectively stated:
"The signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU ) with ECO (European Cancer Organisation) formalizes a great existing cooperation. ECO is a federation of 42 cancer related societies with a strong Patient Advisory Committee. SPCC offers educational resources in this large area. Together we shall increase the impact of activities which should benefit patient and health care provider knowledge, supporting the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan pillars"
"It is with great pleasure for ECO to have signed an MoU together with SPCC that will allow the development and collaboration of joint activities that will support both organisations’ mission. The current MoU will allow our current collaboration to expand even further, showcasing, and amplifying ECO’s and SPCC’s work to an extended network of stakeholders".

The purpose of this agreement is realized in the following areas of collaboration:
1. Partnering in project development and funding research
2. Sharing intelligence, development contacts and information from institutional bodies both at European and Global level which are relevant to both organisations mission and activities
3. Mutual recognition as a collaboration partner
4. Cooperation in promoting each other’s activities and contents through reciprocal communication platforms and channel
5. Connecting and sharing relevant experts from both organisations on specific institutional activities of mutual interest


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SPCC signs a Collaboration Agreement with CACA
and SPCC have come together to collaborate to develop and implement joint activities that support the mission of both organisations.
The partners have decided to join efforts in the following areas:
1. Mutual recognition as institutional partner.
2. Collaborate to build up education projects/programmes in China and Asia on Cancer Care Continuum progresses and innovations.
3. Cooperation in promoting and circulating documents, initiatives, activities and contents.
4. Connecting and sharing relevant experts from both organisations on specific institutional activities of mutual interest.


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