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SPCC is now a Member of the UICC

SPCC President, Dr Matti Aapro, said:

“SPCC, a not-for-profit educational entity registered in Switzerland, and through its Foundation in Poland, is happy to join the community of UICC members. We hope this will reinforce our interaction and open new collaborations worldwide. Together we shall improve the prevention, early detection, treatment and support of citizens and patients, decreasing the gap in access to care.”


UICC offers valuable learning and development opportunities for its members. Member organisations benefit from privileged access to UICC events and much more.

As a UICC member, we now have the opportunity to stay informed about the latest news and updates; we can also take advantage of the resources available on the UICC website to support our organisation in achieving its goals, including accessing all campaign materials and promoting our activities and projects on the cancer events calendar.

By becoming a UICC member, we are joining a global network, increasing our impact, and becoming a voice for the global cancer movement.