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Other activities

Improving Care of Early Breast Cancer (EBC) Patients in Europe – 2023/2024 RFP Project – Call for Grants

Supported by a grant from Eli Lilly & Company
Sharing Progress in Cancer Care and Lilly are collaborating and seeking grant proposals in support of improving care of Early Breast Cancer (EBC) patients in Europe.

Project on Nutrition in Geriatric Oncology – 2023/2024

Supported by Fresenius Kabi
Considering the importance of nutritional status in Geriatric Oncology, Sharing Progress in Cancer Care is carrying out a targeted project.

Improving Care of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Patients in Europe – 2020/2021 RFP Project

Supported by a grant from Pfizer Global Medical Grants
Seven projects have been selected following the European request for proposals sponsored by Pfizer Global Medical Grants in partnership with SPCC. The initiative is now entering the operational project execution stage that will play out over the next two years.

Nutrition and Cachexia in Cancer Patients – 2020 Project

Supported by Fresenius Kabi and Helsinn Healthcare SA
Over the last years cancer care has seen a lot of developments regarding multidisciplinary approaches and the term patient-centered care has been proposed to encompass both supportive and palliative care.